Trend Setting

The home fashions world is constantly changing just the same as the clothes fashion world. Thankfully I get a small inside view into these new trends before most because of the home fashions markets. Here are just a few trends that I noticed popping their heads in this season. Time shall tell how long they last…

  1. Rustic Industrial- We can probably thank the Gaines’ for this one… but the metal pipes and rustic look is “In” in a major way
    • This look does have a lot you can do with it and with places like Restoration Hardware there is plenty of room to find what works for you.
    • The easiest place to do this look would be the kitchen. A table with piping for legs, an island with “rusted” handles, etc.
    • My tip would be not to overdo it. This look goes a loooong way all on its own, no need to over complicate it with more than a few accent pieces, then dress it up with some soft hues and handmade materials.nomad
  2. Nomadic-There are a lot of different ways to use this trend- all of which seem to be popping their heads out this year. These are the few that I know will likely have a longer life in the market.
    • Think of native American hand woven rugs, patterned Aztec style curtains and simple geometric patterns.
    • There are some beautiful colors in this trend that are really great together. The most fun thing about it is the way the colors, like sea blue, merlot red and tans come together in an unexpected way.
  3. Clean and Simple- Everyone is loving what we have in our new simple patterns- they are clean and streamlined with some great neutral colors.
    • Colors like pale blue, ivory, tan and sea blue have made a huge statement in the design world as of late. They are perfect for matching with other room scenes or opening up a smaller room they may otherwise be cluttered with big, gaudy décor. cleanlines





Orian Logo_Grey_Green2010

-Mandy Adleman


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