City Inspiration

City life is fast, vibrant and exciting- which makes it perfect for a design inspiration! You can even use city life to inspire a home in a small town or countryside. Using what  you love most about a place will make a design come together than a lot of other more typical tactics. Here is some inspiration from major city types and places that will make your design scheme a lot easier to create.


  1. New York City- The hustle and bustle town. Subways, taxis and Wall Street tend to come to mind when thinking of the big apple but there are lot of unique designs that can come from this place as well.
    • Urban Lines- the modern sleek interior design trend was basically perfected in NYC. Think of angles, clean colors and open floor plans.
    • Use these ideas to create a base that you can then build upon to make your own and bring some life to it.
    • This works especially well for the not so creative types that don’t know where to begin- this look makes a perfect backdrop for beginning a decor and will stay looking fresh and inventive the more you add and change it.
  2. Charleston, SC- The charm of the south goes a long way in design. Especially from this historical, timeless town. Many of these looks would look amazingly chic in any city and frankly- more people should follow after them.
    • Grand Gestures- everything down there in this town is above and beyond. Which makes it perfect for design. The more you get from a few statement pieces with this decor- the better.
    • Tall, lace curtains, bright pastels and large chandeliers are basically staples in this decor strategy. Just remember that when building upon these things, keep it simple as to not drown out your big thoughts.
  3. Portland- In this slowed down city- less is more. Less color, less effort and less mess is ideal for this kind of northwest, laid-back feel.
    • Dark wood, exposed brick and throw rugs are the perfect additions to create this laid back feel.
    • Buy a few small handwoven throw rugs and put them throughout your home to add that layering look that has become so popular.
    • You can also look for a place with exposed brick or open wood beams to decorate for you and make a rustic, minimalist feel.





Orian Logo_Grey_Green2010

-Mandy Adleman


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